Thursday, 13 November 2014

Be Millionaire Real Estate Negotiator

Wahhhhhh...baca title ajer boleh teruja tau. Awal bulan dapat e-mail circulate dari office tentang talk diatas. Speaker adalah Mr Collin Tan. Disebabkan tajuk seminar sangat menarik dan tambahan pula cuma 45 minit maka saya dan beberapa rakan telah invest petang Jumaat kami. 

Seminar diadakan di HQ untuk semua REN Reapfield dan percuma. Rugi kalau tak pergi...setahu saya Colin Tan ada 8 hari seminar dan fee dalam RM2+++. Belum lagi ada kesempatan masa dan tenaga dan sertai. Btw, Colin Tan a property guru from Singapore and own a property agency there. 

He started his training on time, 2pm, didn't wait for late comer and straight to business. 


Wow! Senang lah nak kata tapi apa 'just' tu? Maknanya kita bukan robot yang hanya buat 5 cycle of REN...perlu tukar mindset. Kena buat more than cari listing-seller-promo/viewing-buyer-close, lima benda ni memang kena diulang kalau tidat buat salah satu memang tidak ada income.  

We are ----------> SUPER REALTOR 

and to do so we must build four personalities to shape our self to be one. 

1) Creator
2) Businessman
3) Super salesperson
4) Investor

Property market is now getting too competitive and some area has more REN than the listings itself. REN lain buang your banner? Curi listings? Mean and tak mau co-broke? ah, itu semua asam garam kami. Sebab itu nasihat saya kepada orang baru - kuat semangat dan kena cekal. 

Let us work hard for and after all 2015 is another 48 days!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

House For Rent @ Shah Alam & Kota Damansara

Listed below is properties for rent that I have today. All is move in condition and good location. The landlords prefer long term tenancy, least 2+1 year. 

Shah Alam 

Double Storey Link

Location : Bukit Bandaraya
Bedroom:  4
Bathroom: 3
Furnishing:  Fully furnished
Rental :  RM1,700

Location : Seksyen 6 
Bedroom:  4
Bathroom: 3
Furnishing:  Fully furnished
Rental :  RM2,700  (end lot)

Location : Bukit Jelutong
Bedroom:  4
Bathroom: 3
Furnishing:  Fully furnished
Rental :  RM1,700

Semi D

Location : Seksyen 7 
Bedroom:  5
Bathroom: 5
Furnishing:  Partly furnished
Rental :  RM3,00  (end lot)


Location : Bukit Bandaraya
Bedroom:  5
Bathroom: 5
Furnishing: Basic 
Rental :  RM4,000

Kota Damansara

Double Storey Link

Location : Tropicana Homes Resort
Bedroom:  4
Bathroom: 3
Furnishing:  Partially furnished
Rental :  RM2,700


Location : De' Rozelle, Sek 10
Bedroom:  3
Bathroom: 2
Furnishing:  Partially furnished
Rental :  RM1,700

Do call me @ 0133807988 for viewings. Have a great day peeps!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Can I be a Real Estate Negotiator Now?

I received a few emails and calls from inquiring about it is a good time to be real estate negotiator. Payah nak jawap. Soalan ni tak ada direct YES / NO. It has to be experienced. (Sekurang-kurangnya dikaji). 

Soalan ni banyak daripada orang yang bekerja tetap, yang punya gaji bulanan tetapi tertekan dengan masalah kerja. Saya agak-agak mereka sedang berkira-kira untuk menjadi self-employed but in a very early stage. 

Sebelum buat apa-apa keputusan, saya nasihatkan kenal pasti perniagaan apa yang hendak dimulakan...Tanya diri: 


dan jangan lupa yang penting, cukupkan simpanan (sekurang-kurangnya enam bulan untuk tanggung diri & commitment). 

Kalau dah tekad nak juga jadi REN, ini nasihat saya:

Pertama, pilih agency. Ada banyak agency yang boleh dipilih...kadangkala satu kawasan punya tiga atau empat agency bersaing. Kenapa begitu? Kena find out. Please remember this, a good agency will make your work half done in getting new listing. The owner will trust the name you represent. Some negotiator will choose agency according to fee they received. Basically it is your choice to choose. Most big agencies will provide training to its negotiators and guide you along the way. However there are some who don't especially agencies that giving fee up to 90% from commission collected. I always wonder how these firms survive with only 10%. 

Kedua : identify and study the market. Dimana slow dan dimana booming. Alhamdullilah saya close RM3juta bulan lepas. Rumah banglo dua tingkat di USJ 5. Best kan? Tak juga....tak sustainable. Sebab berapa banyak pula banglo untuk dijual Subang Jaya? Kawasan tersebut kawasan mature yang kebanyakan pembeli beli untuk duduk. Tak banyak new listing in market. Now, bring your attention to Bukit Jelutong, satu lagi perumahan dibangunkan oleh Sime Darby dan juga freehold. About 15km from Subang Jaya. Kawasan yang agak baru (2000) dan masih lagi membangun dengan banyak lagi fasa baru. Baru-baru ini rakan saya close satu deal RM4.2m di Jelutong Heights. Seronok kan? Lebih seronok she is consistently closing properties monthly. Imagine a 3% from at least RM1.5m property. Nice huh?

Nota: Pilih kawasan farming

Ketiga: Just do it. Sadly, market is slow now. People are choose to wait and see. Wait for budget, wait for GST (Good & Services Tax), wait for new year...One has to be strong and just carry on. There is time that I wish I still do unit trust. My friends are doing well there. Property market down and share market is up. That is the vicious cycle that property agents has to accept. It is norm...1997, 2008 and now 2014. I believe next seven years will be the same. 

Nota: Understand market

Keempat: Marketkan diri anda. Brand yourself. Tell every one. Don't be shy. But don't bluff. Buyers know. Treat them with respect. You wouldn't know who is your clients. 

Well, that's it. That is what I can share for now. I'm sorry if I didn't reply your e-mail in details. 

Enter with caution. Good luck!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

I'm in Tokyo

Ohaiyougozaimasu!!! Hello Tokyo! This is one of the place that I don't think I can be in tho growing up with Doraemon and Ultraman. Off from the bucket list!

There is small hiccup. Husband has a problem with his visa and not allowed to board so I'm here by myself.

Arrived at 11pm and took Limosine Bus to Shinjuku Station. It took about 45 minits via highway and the city so quite from Haneda Airport.  I walked to our hotel for 20 minit in rain while lugging our 20kg (ok,15kg) luggage in the rain! (Tickets to Shinjuku Washington Hotel finito). It was an experience and I have no problem with rain. Always love rainy night. Tapi sebab menarik beg tu...

Anyway, I thot our room will be tiny and comel like the movie but it exceed expectations.  Or maybe because I'm alone it feel cozy and oh-so-comfortable.  See how tonite when he is here.

It is 9.30 and I'm ready for my walkabout! Excited!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Lari dari jerebu

Syukur esok akan ke Kuching. Dapat juga lari daripada jerebu yang sudah mula terasa. Tekak sudah pedih, hidung sudah berbau, langit sudah kelabu dan hujan lama tidak membasahi bumi.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

I am Always Working

I refuse to accept that for Real Estate Negotiator (ren), you are working only when you are showing houses to potential buyer or meeting new owner. No. It is more than that.

There are five cycles as ren:-

1. Prospecting
2. Seller
3. Buyer
4. Viewing
5. Closing


There are so many way to do this. You may see me looking at my phone constantly but do you know I am blasting sms/WhatsApp/e-mail to my potential clients. I send season greetings cards and also Thank you cards. Driving around housing estates and talking to security guards. A day out can be a work day if you know where to do prospecting. Seriously!


Your seller is the supplier to your stock (listing) to sell. He can be anyone. Your ex-boss, your ex, your sister, brother etc etc. Keeping in touch is also way of maintaining good relationship with your potential seller. 

Or, you can network with your colleagues. Easy peasy


Easy to come by. Market your list and subsequently potential will come along and be your buyer. Again, network with your colleagues. They might have a buyer. 


This is the fun part. Let the potential buyer see the unit. Let them touch it, feel it, visualising it. 50% chance of closing is in your hands.


This is hard for me. I do not have mojo to persuade and charm people with words. Always I let the house sell by itself. Off course I will do my best ensuring the property is suitable with potential buyer but I don't believe in forcing people to put down payment like some ren. 

So, when people tell me that I have an easy job I just my eyebrows. I'm always working.  Unlike you, you can clock out and not answer calls from your office.

Hot day but when you have to hand a signboard, you got to go!

Then you go home prepare a good meal!

Singapore's Charm

Our southern neighbour is not really my holiday destination. It is just like Kuala Lumpur, a big city and offering what a city can offer - shopping malls. Somemore Singapore is humid and stuffy and I also think it is an expensive holiday destination. Unless of course if you are visiting with a mission and we do have one.

The trip was planned by our friends and surprisingly it was same date as our trip last year. Non of us realise it until Immigration Officer stamped our passport! 

However, this time I'm a bit disappointed because I wish to go via train. Unfortunately the tickets sold out. Dah lama berangan nak naik keretapi & singgap Kluang for their kaya toast. 

Stesen Keretapi Kuala Lmpur dated 8.06.14 

You will agree that Singapore is a clean and safe city. Not once Ziela or I have to worry about snatch thief or Mat Rempit. Lunch at Killiney Road, Warung M. Nasir a nasi padang restaurant and walk to our hotel at Orchard Road. 

It was delicious! My fav would be their chicken cooked with santan and sweet tauchu. A bit like combination of masak lemak and rendang
Dinner was sup tulang merah. Not really a fan so it was ok-ok aje. But the trip to Mustaffa has charmed me to like Singapore even more. It is like Mydin but better selections and quality brand. You can get the latest Corelle, Vision, and Tefal over there. Oh my inner Nigella dance with joy. The place is so huge! Didn't buy anything tho

Before that we stop at Marina Bay and I got myself a travel book by Louis Vuitton! 

Best Sales Assistance ever! Unpretentious, polite and passionate about the brand! You ask anything about LV and he has the answer  

Travel, fashion and photography! I could spend days in this section!  


Nothing special. Just walkabout while wait for flight. But our lunch is worth mentioning. We went to Badoque Cafe at Beduk Road. Portion is big and price is reasonable.   
The travel buddies went to airport straightaway but my husband and I stay for a movie session. That is another Singapore's charm btw, watching movie uncensored. 

These are my Singapore's charm. Can't stay too long but can't be too short.