Friday, 27 April 2018

Pine Tree Trails & Twin Peak, Bukit Fraser, Selangor.

Sedikit tentang Pine Tree Trails daripada blog

"Pine Tree Hill Trail is the longest trail in Fraser's Hill and also the most challenging.

The trail was started during the British era to gain access to a mountain peak that commanded a majestic view of Fraser's Hill and the surrounding summits.

It trail derived its name from 5 old stag-headed endemic conifers of the dacrydium comosum species. Only one of these trees (which are only found in Malaysia) still remains at the summit of Pine Tree Hill.

The Trail's highest point is 1505m above sea level. Although this is only 300 metres higher than the starting altitude of around 1200m, the path undulates considerably and the actual height climbed is probably closer to 1500m.

The trail is 5.5km long and most people take 7 to 8 hours to trek to the summit and back again."

Itu saja kajian I sebelum memanjat Pine Tree Trails & Twin Peak Selasa lepas. Cukuplah sebab memang jenis tak study, takut mental. Setakat ini I buat syarat to myself, elak gunung terletak di Hulu Langat (pacat) dan set my mind that every mountain has its story and beauty.  Tetapi persediaan asas kena lengkap. Yang ini tak boleh malas. Tentang line up, suasana gunung, trail dan trek I tak kisah sangat asalkan I yakin guider is an experienced guider and I  have my buddy with me for the trip. Sebelum pergi, wajib pastikan bag day pack lengkap, antaranya bateri mencukupi, wisel, ubat-ubatan dan sebagainya.

Pine Tree Trails memang dah lama jadi idaman kerana gambar-gambar yang dikongsi kawan-kawan social media. So scenic and magnificent I can't deny it's calling when Weekday Hikers arranging this trip.

Reaching the sun. 

Catatan trip kami:

Tarikh : 24 April 2018
Masuk : 7.30am
Puncak Pine Tree : 11ish
Pine Tree to Twin Peak: 40mins
Keluar : 4.30pm (I went out at 6.06pm)
Theme : White, Red with dash of Black. (We are so brave, we wear white in mud)

The trail is relatively tropical, with humidity almost 80% it was a cold and breezy at some . The beauty or maybe the curse is the trail is shape like a W so you know that you will go down the slop then up then down again, the up before you go out. As it is a single trail hike you will double back the same route. Down, Up, Down and Up.

Usually, going out from a trail is going down until your exit point. meaning that your heart beat will slowing down as you walk out after so much cardio but not this mountains. You will hike up to get out.

The phone line was basically dead from trail head but towards the 2nd peak and last peak it was so clear. I had fun spamming my insta-story hehe. Then it's gone when we started to go back to starting point to go out.

This is where I started loosing phone signal

Dapat line! Yeay!!! 

Perjalanan bermula dengan menuruni tangga buatan kayu dan seterusnya denai dan akar kayu, ada juga kawasan yang berselut bertanah gambut. Perjalanan agak berangin deselango bunyian unggas dan monyet. Sebelum puncak Pine Tree, terdapat kawasan berbatu curam 90darjah dan kami menggunakan tali untuk menaikinya. Disini banyak menggunakan tenaga upper body untuk naik keatas. Bagus untuk our body motor system to coordinate hand and leg movements.

Upon reaching Pine Tree Peak we are not fortunate to see the 360 degree view as it was fogging or maybe I was too tired I didn't bothered so much. I just lay down on my back and try to sleep it off. But after seeing the team pictures, I think the fog is quite thick.

Terbaring sudah. 

Yup. Foggy. 
Setelah berehat sekejap, kami ke Twin Peak lebih kurang 40 minit perjalanan dan kami telah melintasi negeri Pahang. Tanahnya hitam. Mungkin ada bijih.

Towards Twin Peak. 

Now, we have to go back before 2pm before it gets dark. Terdapat dua tangga batu that I have mind marked as an exit point forgetting that there's a loop before reaching the arch. I went mental after the 2nd tanga batu and I almost loose it when there's tangga kayu that I didn't count and forgot the never ending loop.

It is only 800mtr but it felt so far like a never ending treadmill and it is true Pine Tree Trails need a lot of your mental strength.

Tips: Exit

pondok roboh ada 3
pondok ok 1 (before pondok roboh 3)
tangga batu 2 (satu rendah & satu tinggi)
tangga batu 2 atau 3

During hiking you will be greeted with so much beautiful moss, climbers and flowers and also the sound of birds and monkeys. Do enjoy it. It is so serene and one time I felt like in Rivendell minus the big river. Truly, you will feel so small with magnificent trees and amazing creations in Pine Tree and it is He is the Creator. Masya Allah Maha Pencipta.


I think Pine Tree & Twin Peak is actually for experienced hikers and having done that I'm so proud of myself as a newbies. Alhamdullilah, I manages weight of my bag well, had enough drinks before and drink little during, had proper meal before and enough sleep. It helped me reserving stamina needed for the trip.

With help of the team and responsible sweepers, Pine Tree and Twin Peak checked. 

Sunday, 4 March 2018


Title : Revenge Wears Prada
Author : Lauren Weisberger


I tak suka buku ni. Wasted my time reading Andy whining and complaining about unfairness in her life. Get a grip girl!

Also, be sure what you want to be. Nak jadi business woman atau editor/writer. Once you decide that, go through with it.

10 years after Paris incident with the devil, she claimed her life and make her own name and she is now a respectable writer but she is still having nightmares of her past life. Andy is now living life in New York City and engaged to be married to a lelaki idaman, handsome and rich, and he won media empire. Andy also bestie again with Emily but oh-my-god she still didn't grow up. Apa ko nak sebenarnya pompuan?

The writer made me think of Andy as shallow and petty. She let small things in life to dictate her and eventually ruin her. Yes, her future mother in law don't like her (anyway, who does?), then she complain how she has to look good for appointment. Like, if you hates it so much, delegate the work to someone else. grrrrrrrrrr.

She and Emily started a small but successful luxury bridal magazine. She being good writer and superb editorial skill and combine with Emily sharp business skill they made good team. Is she happy about it? NO. To her she is reason the firm success no thanks to Emily help.

Her husband, is described as so handsome, is the major shareholder/investor of her magazine. Does she recognise that? NO. She entitled to it. She's the wife haha.

So when the devil found out about their little magazine, they making an offer to acquire them. Everyone ecstatic except her because one of terms are both of her and Emily has to stay for a year. Immediately her nightmare  returns and she is so adamant to refuse the offer.

When the investor/husband try to find out why;

“If you’re late for lunch with Miranda Priestly, she’s not going to yell and scream and lecture you on courtesy and consideration. She’s merely going to order the exact moment she’s ready, whether you’ve arrived or not, and then she’s going to eat her lunch and leave. Does it matter to her if your kid was sick or your taxi was in an accident? ... Not for a moment. Because she doesn’t care about you at all.”

Truthfully, that is not enough reason to refuse a good offer. Not like she will be the devil assistant again. She will be editor of a magazine, work will continue as usual. So, I feels that she is selfish, self entitled and the way Ms. Weisberger write it, Andy Sachs is whiny and annoying little girl. Why didn't the author empowered her as an editor? Why is she still thinks like a assistant? When will she grow up?

I'm so frustrated and upset of this book. Perhaps my feelings is due to the movie was so good. Anna Wintour was portrayed as iconic successful woman and Andy in movie a strong young woman who face off the devil successfully.

However, this book is an okay book for beach reach. 

Friday, 2 March 2018

Tracking My Spending

So, I started tracking my spending since November 2017. I list down all my expenses, company and personal. For company, I have to make sure the Balance Sheet properly recorded and this time I collect receipt and bill properly, yeah, so rajin. For personal usage, I write down my expenses every night.

I notices a pattern. It is so obvious. I spent so much on food! I eat out a lot and masya-Allah, so expensive. Simple lunch; nasi, lauk, dua sayur is now close to RM10. Then I like to buy goreng pisang or cucuk-cucuk.

Not only it is unhealthy, because you don't know how many times they use the minyak to fry and you know it is bad for your weight. Gah! Gemuk dapat cholestrol pun tak control.

Then I also know where my money gone to. I waste it on all cute cute things like small bags, key chain, ear rings, lipsticks, mascara, hair wash etc etc. Oh no. I try to ask myself if I really need it but the answer is always yes. 

What. Should. I. Do.

I did hair rebonding for RM70. This is cheap ok. But unplanned

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Listening to motivational videos does help.

So, in one of business motivational classes I was told to listen/watch video of speeches of successful people. Off course I was told to watch Tony Robbins, Jack Ma, Apple guy, and all other successful entrepreneur. No, now going to watch them. I don't really like them because too much of them. I don't easily like over exposed people lulz.

One afternoon in December 2017, I think deep who do I admire. Who I want to be? Who's life is interesting enough for me. Then it dawn to me, VICTORIA BECKHAMS. I enjoy her IG postings, I think her life perfect. 

I always love Victoria Beckhams since she is Victoria Adams i.e. Spice Girls time. I even buy their CD and I think buying cassette or CD is a waste of money. I love her style, I think she is classy. She is funny and her English sense of humour is great. Just watch her interview with Ali G. So funny!

She is the business woman I want to be.

The first interview is saw is this : and I think it is witty and cute. So, I proceed with other interviews, speech and talk and I really inspired.

Slowly I go to other people that I admire and now I'm listening to YouTube of motivational videos to get going. When I'm working on my laptop, I let it run on my phone.

Some days I go for positive set of mind. Tony Robbins will pump you up! Seriously. I pick up some tips and I implies to my life ever since I started:

1. Begin with blow your breath out. Exhale hard for few minutes.
2. Prime yourself
3. Relax

For me, I do this after Subuh prayer and before reciting Quran. I'm not morning person, I usually on auto-pilot prior that. I like doing this because my schedule is usually not fix. After doing this, I will go through my Things To Do and plan my day out. What, where and who properly set up so I get to the why and then, ready for the day.

The thing with YouTube, it will suggest more similar video and just click what fancy you. In down day, it is actually better to listen to motivational videos rather that reading #ootd and #fashionfeed.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Bukit Chenuang Tersasar Buat Trans Sg. Chongkak

Trip yang akan menjadi kenangan kerana hajat ke beirut Bukit Chenuang tetapi tersasar trans Sg. Chongkak dan berjalan sejauh 22km. What a way to start our November 2017!

Seperti biasa kami akan berbincang didalam Whatsapp group dan plan trip akan datang. Ada yang minta Bkt Chenuang, yang dikatakan adik Gunung Nuang dan rupanya ada juga yang pergi lagi. I  pula belum pernah sampai Gunung Nuang, maka terbuka sedikit hati nak ke Bkt Chenuang sebelum jumpa abang dia. 

Berdasarkan homework di Google, rasanya boleh buat Bkt Chenuang ni. 

Jarak : 8km
Tempoh : 3jam hingga ke puncak
Ketinggian : 850m (2,788ft)

So, macamana pula boleh bertukar mendaki Bkt Chenuang kepada trans Sg. Chongkak tu? Kami rasa mungkin tersalah masuk trek. Ini kerana trek tertutup/terlindung oleh khemah pekerja Perhilitan. Tetapi secara keseluruhannya, trans Sg. Chongkak agak mudah dan boleh jadi sangat mendamaikan kalau tak disebabkan oleh serangan pacat yang sangat meriah sampai I taubat nak pergi Hulu Langat lagi. Tak tahan betul. 

Ini memang tempat kegemaran keluarga pacat.

Kalau nak tau, perasaan I adalah seperti berjalan seperti diatas threadmill yang tak ada butang stop. Ketika km ke 7 hujan lebat dan pacat semakin meriah. O.M.G.  Jalan jalan jalan sampai km ke 9 baru Nurul sebut yang ada besar kemungkinan sesat. Ah, susah ni. Kami teruskan juga sebab setiap clue yang ada hampir sama dengan apa yang kami study di Google. 

Kami teruskan sehinggalah ke km ke 10 dan disebabkan semua sudah kelaparan jadi kami pun stop makan. Masa tu sudah 2 petang. Sedap sungguh bihun goreng. TQ Kent. Bro Dann pula sempat masak air buat nescafe, selesa perut dapat air panas. Dulu makan ayam masak merah berkuahkan hujan di Bukit Kutu, kali ini bihun sup hujan pula. Tak jadi masalah pada yang kelaparan. 

Anyway, moral kepada kami adalah pastikan laluan/trek masuk yang sebenar. Sebolehnya biar ada kawan-kawan yang pernah sampai supaya dapat laluan yang sebenar. Bersyukur tidak ada kejadian yang tidak diingini dan kami semua tidak mental. Semangat kami memang tip top meletop. 

I love this team!

Monday, 9 October 2017

Tips Berhenti Jadi Pemalas








Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Air Terjun Pelangi, Sg Lembing, Pahang : Apa Persediaan Yg Sesuai

Bersyukur I dapat melihat pelangi di Air Terjun Pelangi di awal musim monsoon kali ini.  Berdasarkan research, pelangi tidak muncul jika berawan. Dapat juga lihat pelangi di dinding Air Terjun walaupun sekejap, terus terasa tak sia-sia perjalanan daripada Salak Tinggi, Sepang ke Sg. Lembing. 

Apabila tiba dibandar Sg Lembing, percayalah anda akan terasa seperti dibawa semula ke tahun 1980an. Deretan bangunan dua tingkat dengan binaan British, deretan pokok ara (ficus) sebagai pembahagi jalan, suasana yang aman dan senyap membuat perasaan tenang datang secara perlahan dan cukup mendamaikan.

I kagum dengan penduduk setempat yang menjadikan industri pelancongan sebagai sumber pendapat setelah pekan tersebut 'mati' dengan penututupan sumber ekonomi utama Sg Lembing iaitu perlombongan. I nasihatkan untuk pengunjung untuk meluang sedikit masa melawat museum Sg Lembing dan juga lombong bijih disitu. 

Perjalanan ke hulu Sg Lembing dimulakan seawal 6.30 pagi dengan menaiki 4WD. Yang ni I cukup tak suka sebab gayat. Macam naik roller coaster! Kami membuat beberapa persinggahan antaranya melihat melihat matahari terbit di tanah tinggi berdekatan, tempat pembalakan, dan perkampungan orang asli.  

Trekking ke air terjun pula mengambil masa lebih kurang sejam bergantung kepada tahap kecergasan. Jarak hanyalah 1km diantara gigi hutan terus ke atas. Untuk ke gigi hutan, kita akan melintasi sungai separas pinggang (jika tidak berpaut tali yg disediakan, ia hanya pangkal peha sahaja) dan kita akan menikmati keindahan flora hinggalah ke kawasan air terjun. I dapat jumpa pelbagai warna dan bentuk cendawan dan tidak kurang beberapa spesis bunga anggerik. 

Sasaran untuk berada di air terjun adalah diantara jam 9.30 pagi ke 10.30 pagi. Kedudukan matahari yang optimum untuk memancarkan pelangi. 


Trek ke Air Terjun Pelangi pula sangat mudah. Bantuan besi penghadang, besi pemengang di kawasan mendaki, tali di kawasan licin, tanda arah yang jelas dan juga trek yang sangat terang benar-benar sesuai untuk hikers yang baru. Syabas kepada guides dan pengusaha disana!

Jadi, apa persediaan yang sesuai untuk ke Air Terjun Pelangi?

1. Permit 
2. Kasut - sandal getah bersesuaian ataupun adidas kampung.
3. Pilihlah tarikh yang sesuai. Musim panas adalah terbaik. 
4. Minuman/makanan.