Friday, 18 September 2015

Bad times...

Our property market is rather slow nowadays at some locations and Shah Alam is feeling the same too.  People are playing safe and choose to wait and see before making any move/decision. For that I’m thankful for two closings I successfully secured last month. One was an under-priced double story link (intermediate) in Seksyen 8 Shah Alam and the other was a condominium in  Sri Acappella Seksyen 13 Shah Alam.  These two units was sold after my long hiatus due to preparation to sit for examination to become real estate agent. 

There are too many property on market and us negotiators noted that one listing has too many negotiators working on it.  I’m sure you saw units with too many signboards from many agency. Not many owner would give Exclusive to negotiator. Some of us are scared but some ignore it. For me, belum jodoh.

I’m optimistic that this is the time that our market is doing price adjustment.  For many years our transacted price is rather on the high side and become unaffordable at certain location. However I hope the price adjustment won't take too long.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Kisah Hidup Seorang Agent Hartanah / Life as Realtor (Part: 2)

Next October will be my 6th year as real estate negotiator. Lama kan? I made numerous closings and yesterday as I was driving home from meeting my co-agency partner I was reflecting how much I learn from this closings.

It is a simple viewing, negotiation, and closing. But it took three Saturdays. 

Saturday 1 - Viewing

My sister called telling me that her friend looking for corner lot or Semi D in Putrajaya with budget of RM1m.

Saturday 2 - Negotiating

Negotiating  took a week for vendor and purchaser to arrived to agreed price.  However, one BIG problem, the price that the owner's indicated earlier was NETT price.

It took us a week to renegotiate to make everybody to be happy

Saturday 3 - Closing

Finally collected deposit. 

What took it so long?  This is interesting part in every work when life get in the way it is up to us to stay calm and stay focus. What I learned being real estate negotiator is that just follow the rules. True, some rules are made to be broken but not all.  As intermediary, all we need is being transparent and making sure you tell the truth and focus to the problem at hand. 

No point to be jumpy and yeah, rezeki is something I can't control. No one can.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

My view on Bukit Bandaraya Shah Alam

Bukit Bandaraya Shah Alam (BBSA), Seksyen U11 is a development developed (and still developing) by Lebar Daun Bhd. Located in greenery of Bukit Cerakah the place is serene, beautiful and it is a good location to live. It is far enough to be a quiet place to live but not too far to be forgotten. 

I live there for seven years, from 2005 until 2012. I made good business deal from selling and renting BBSA. We sold our house but I am still working for property in BBSA. Now allow me to share with you my view of BBSA and hopefully you can make if you are deciding about buying a property here. 

Love it:

1. The place itself. Green, quiet, birds chirping every morning. Imagine driving in wide road with trees left and right. Then there's lake bordering BBSA and Bukit Cerakah. I absolutely love to drive after rainy day. 

2. Neighbourhood. I would say it is 95% Malays and mostly are working people. Also many are not local Shah Alam. 

3. Design - I like every design of BBSA. From Moroccan style for their 2nd phase (Palladium & Salasia) to modern design of Phase 9 (Collaris and Laurus).

4. Investment return - the developer is yet to complete developing BBSA. There is more work to be done for example, commercial area. That's the beauty of it. The place has lots of prospect to grow and it is totally liveable now so the price that you pay surely will be rewarded in short time (taking consideration of  penalty of early settlement & RPGT). 

5. Good rental income - there's always call asking for rental house in BBSA

6.  The Price - this is a checkmate for any property transaction. You can still find property below RM600,000 in BBSA

Hate it :

1. The developer did not really taking advantages of the big lake. They should also build more playground or maybe some picnic area by the lake.   

2. Finishing quality.  When the design is beautiful there is always some work need to be done such as hairline crack, uneven door and buyers must always make full use of the Warranty Period.  That's why buying sub-sale is always better IMO

3. No commercial area. You have to drive to Seksyen 8 to buy groceries etc. It is about 10km away.

4. Break-in. There are some break-in cases. Not many but there's some. The neighbourhood don't have boom gate yet. 

I say make your decision fast and do let me know if you wish to know more about Bukit Bandaraya Shah Alam.

p/s: I sold our house at 35% profit

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hidup & Pilihan

Ni sekadar nak mengomel tentang hidup dan pilihan. Tentang kehidupan kita yang sentiasa dipenuhi dengan pilihan. Semuanya tentang membuat pilihan. Terjaga diwaktu pagi, kena pilih nak katup mata lagi atau bangkit, perut lapar - kena pilih nak tahan atau nak makan. Nak makan apa? Nak minum apa? Nak makan dengan siapa?

Setiap pilihan dalam kehidupan saya yang saya rasa paling simple antara sedar atau tidak akan mempunyai kesan tersendiri. Cuba lihat kembali pilihan yang kita buat 10 tahun atau 10 minit lepas dan kesan terhadap diri kita  dan adakah ia mampu merubah hidup dan pandangan kita tentang kehidupan. 

10 minit tadi saya sangat dahaga. Sebabnya pagi tadi saya memilih untuk tidak minum selepas sarapan. Apa agaknya outcome yang boleh jadi jika saya bawa bekal air selepas membuat pilihan untuk tidak minum selepas makan pagi:

1. Kalau saya bawa bekal air, saya tak akan sedahaga begini.
2. Kalau saya bawa bekal air, saya akan berulang ke tandas (masalah bladder pendek hehe)
3. Kalau saya bawa bekal air, saya akan duduk dimana sahaja yang mempunyai wifi tanpa perlu order minuman.

Kalau lihat 10 tahun lepas, harus saya menangis lagi.  Atau mungkin saya akan gembira jika dipandang dari segi yang lain pula. Setiap pilihan yang saya pilih telah membawa saya kesini hari ini. Dari segi career paths, men, friends, clothes, movies and books. All those made me me!

Is there anything that I regret?  I'm human and yes, there are more than a few, let me list it:-

1. Should have quit my job and get in real estate asap
2. Should have bought the gold Mini Cooper that I like in 1995
3. Should have buy gold when it was 30/100g (my mom asked me to but well...)
4. Should have keep my mouth shut when I should 
5. Should have learn languages
6. Should continue and sharpen my writing skill
7. Should and never allowed my self to be this fat. 
8. ...the list goes on.

Now a choice to be made:

What's for dinner?

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I am tired

Being a real estate negotiator is not easy. The job is tough, competition is even tougher and sadly the income is not as rewarding as people want you to believe.  Having said that, there is lots of things that I love being real estate negotiator. I love the flexibility and ample time that I have, I love that I can pursue other project. I love meeting people and for that little sacrifice I have a dream to be a license real estate agent someday. 

Becoming a licensed agent is my retirement plan.  I imagine that when I'm in the age where I no longer has energy to go out and show people houses I can delegate to the staff to show that house, when all I want to do is travel the world and kicking off my bucket list I know I have my license to ensure a steady source of income.

So in 2012 I registered myself to Board of Valuers and Estate Agent for the examination to be one. The process to be a licensed agents:

1. Part 1 - 6 papers
2. Part 2 - 5 papers
3. Two years of practical/internship
4. Interview by the examination board.

I didn't put a deadline but if all go smoothly I should be doing my internship by now!

How life has other plan and sometimes what you wish for didn't fall thru.  My heart broke into pieces when I received the result last Monday. I failed (again) Accounting (expected) and Law (surprised).  I thought I did well in Law paper. But Lady Luck is not with me!

For now I want to put aside my dream, put it in box and lock it and put it far away so I won't cry.

p/s  but I do not want to look back and regret for not strive for it. ugh! What to do next is clear. But frankly, I am just tired.  

Saturday, 14 February 2015


That is my 2015 gift from the husband. Apparently he is now encouraging me to start writing again commercially. My husband is the writer of Ask the Lawyer! series and also he wrote fiction with local publisher Fixi.  I have been berangan-ing to be a writer myself but too afraid to get it done. Maybe with this book I will find some pushing factor to write.

Anyway, back to the book.  It is an interesting and one good inspirational coffee book.  

So, if you are like me, stuck in rut and getting deeper into lazydom we definitely need something to fire up your gut and I hope this will help tremendously.

Basically the book teaches how to move forward by watching the people you admire adn copy their work. Copy how they do it. How their work schedule like, what inspire them, how they write and who they read.  Or if you like to paint and draw, find what make your idol special. Find it and copy it.  

Remember, if you copy from one it is plagiarism but if you copy from many it is called research.  Don't worry, you can't replicate your idol...slowly the real you will take over and that work will speak the loudest in your work. 

I find this advise is a bit not practical as I'm depending on my smartphone but I'm happy to give it a shot and been writing bit and pieces of my thought but not daily as I should.

The book shared how Jerry Seinfield is forcing himself to write everyday and using calendar to track all his writing.  So, from the daily jabbering surely there's some worth saving eh? 

Who am I kidding? Surprisingly it is in the book.  Important reminder.

Anyway, I wish I can publish my story before end of year and all I need now is lots of discipline to write it.

Wish me luck!  

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Kisah Hidup Seorang Agent Hartanah / Life as Realtor (Part: 1)

Saya sedang mood nak bercerita...baru balik viewing di Bukit Bandaraya Shah Alam.  Panas betul hari ni...kering tekak bercakap tadi.  Sambil baring-baring ni meh saya nak share pengalaman enam tahun dalam industry Real Estate berurusan dengan tuan rumah dan bakal pembeli & penyewa.

Cerita ceriti berikut bukanlah pengalaman sendiri semuanya... ada juga dari rakan seperjuangan dan tidak ikut chronology dan pastinya ada kena mengena dengan yang masih hidup dan rasanya belum ada yang mati. Jangan saman saya ye kalau terasa atau tak suka :)

Ada satu rumah ni...lokasi Shah Alam. Masa tu saya baru start kerja dan semangat tinggi. Saya buat cold calling di kawasan perumahan baru. Rumah cantik tau...super link and exclusive area.  Lepas tu seorang owner ni setuju untuk melantik saya sebagai agent. Dengan gembira pasanglah sign board & mendapat panggilan untuk viewing. Pergilah saya dengan senang hati. Sedang viewing terus dapat offer. Bertambah senang hati saya. Call lah owner ni...sekali dapat berita sedih daripada owner...rumah tu bukan milik dia lagi...masih hakmilik pemaju. Kisahnya, loan dia tak lepas for the whole two years during contruction time. Hebat tak mamat ni? The intention was to make profit atas angin tak boleh. Buang masa saya & buyer pun marah saya sebab tak cek betul-betul.  

* Saya sedih. 

Lokasi di Kelana Jaya. Rumah single story di SS5. Letak signboard lepas tu terima panggilan non stop. Aduh...sukanya hati. So accepted offer dari Aunty ni. Dia nak rumah dekat kakak dia. No deposit as she want to transfer fund. Have to wait three days. Dalam pada tu saya terima satu call from a very persuasive Aunty nak view. Hey hey, rumah tu tak ada deposit lagi so I'm obligated to owner to promote his house. Pergilah layan & dapat offer RM10k higher. Nak bayar dan-dan tu juga. Saya pun call owner and dia suka. Saya terus accept deposit cheque tersebut.  Aunty 1 punyalah marah sebab saya tak call dulu sebelum accept deposit from Aunty 2. Dia kata : "I don't expect this from a Malay agent..."

* Saya sentap...pedih wor....

Lokasi :  Condo mewah di Jalan Ampang.  Sewa RM8k. Saya pergi kira duit deposit depan tenant. Macam tak percaya camtu.  A Russian & apparently that consider rude.

* Saya segan. 

Lokasi : Condo mewah KLCC.  New listing. Kawan ni happy sangat dapat listing baru dan dengan gembira pergi buat inspection & nak ambil gambar to advertise.  Sekali dalam masterbedroom there was too many risque photos of the wife on the wall and all over the room.  Frame besar to frame kecik. Kwan ni jadi segan tapi saya tak percaya dia segan...kalau ada pun pasti rasa itu hilang kejap jer, saya pasti dia tak dapat lawan curiosity & nak juga pandang gambar-gambar tu kan?  Agaknya macamana kawan saya buat viewing, adakah dia sorok frame tu semua dalam stor?

* Saya harap itu listing saya hahaha

Ada kisah tragic ni. Kucing saya shred deposit bank draft. Even worse nak kena pulangkan sebab deal aborted. Prospect tu gelak kat saya tapi terasa juga tikaman didada. 

* Saya malu (sampai sekarang)

A lady called for my house to let. Said she's coming with her husband. But at the designated time she was alone. Why? Husband dia kenal I. How? His other wife is my colleague. Ah, drama!

* Saya terbeban dengan rahsia.

Yang ni, pengalaman kawan saya. Owner minta dia pastikan yang tenant adalah ahli sunnah sebelum disewakan rumah dia.  Tapi kawan saya kata yang prospect tenant adalah Melayu Malaysian.  Owner kata.....sekarang dah tak boleh percaya dah.

* Saya gelak.

Cerita belum habis lagi...tapi saya mengantuk pulak...toodles! 

p/s: there's more :)